just say YES.

“i used to think you had to special for God to use you,
but now i know you simply need to say yes.” Bob Goff

“i used to think you had to special for God to use you,
but now i know you simply need to say yes.” Bob Goff


maybe around two years ago, one of my dearest friends recommended i read Bob Goff’s memoir Love Does, greatly impacting my life and my relationship with love and with the Lord. after reading that book, love no longer existed in my life as a noun. it became a verb and would only continue to exist as a verb. (verb – a word used to describe an action, state, or occurrence, and forming the main part of the predicate of a sentence, such as hear, become, happen, or love.)  this translates to mean loving someone is not telling them, “I love you.” rather, it is showing someone, “I love you,” without words but through actions. just like faith without works is dead (James 2:14-26); love without works is dead.

then, a year and a half later, sitting at a cafeteria lunch table in New Hope Community Church in Staten Island, NYC, our morning devotional led by Pastor John was over true love. we talked about the purest and most basic form of true love – simply, it is obedience to God.

The purest, true love is obedience to the Lord.

Let us couple this instance with what i have learned from Mr. Bob Goff. Love Does. love is an action. and let us now set up an algebraic system of equations. (before you roll your eyes, bear with me.) let L = love and let A = actions wherein:

love = action and so, L = A

but, we also know that love is obedience to God, ergo: L = obedience to God and so, when love = action and (1) L = A  and (2) L = obedience to God , can we not then substitute in equation (1) for of equation (2), and thus, come to the conclusion that the action which displays our love is acting in obedience to God . . . . i think we can.

(1) L = A

(2) L = obedience to God

(3) A = obedience to God

just to further clarify this one more time: love(L) equals(=) action(A) which equals(=) obedience to God.

is it really that simple? have we really just simplified love down to a simple algebraic system of equations solvable by substitution?

yes, it is, and yes, we have.


so, obedience to God – that’s easy right? well, it can be. it can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. seriously the solution is only a three letter word. Y. E. S.

many, many times, the Lord may lay His will upon our hearts or in our minds. He says, “Lauren, I want you to share my love and it entails doing this, this, and this,” (hypothetically of course). More often than not, what He asks is out of my comfort zone or it runs the risk of damaging my pride, and regrettably, i shy away from stepping out of my comfort zone or voluntarily wanting to damage my pride. frankly, it is disobedience to God, and if i am not obeying Him, there is no way to possibly be living out true love . . . it is mathematically proven lol.

God does not need us, but somehow, He WANTS us. He wants us to say YES to the grander life which He calls us to. Can you imagine if Noah would have refused to build the ark because it ran the risk of damaging his pride, or if Moses would have not stood up to Pharaoh because public speaking was out of his comfort zone, or if David would not have challenged Goliath, or if Ester would not have spoken with the King to save her people, or if Mary, the teenage, virgin mother of Jesus, would have refused God’s call upon her to life to be the mother of the Son of God because it ruined her reputation and almost ruined her marriage with Joseph? Can you imagine if they had not said yes?

this concept reminds me a lot of a marriage proposal. the man, on his knees, open and vulnerable, invites his beloved to join him on the journey of life. he does not have to, but because his love for his beloved is so big, he asks her the infamous four word question, “Will you marry me?” it’s a leap of faith for her to say yes. it runs the risk of breaking her heart and her pride. it has the possibility to turn life upside down on its head. and even still,  she says yes because her love for him is far larger than her fear of a broken heart or broken pride.

the thing is, though, i wanna say, “Yes,” to God before i even know the nature of the question!

He doesn’t have to invite us to join Him on the journey of life, but because He loves us, He offers us the opportunity to give Him CONTROL and use us as conduits to extend His glory on earth. We need only to say, “yes.” we need only to trust Him, step out of our comfort zones, lay down our prides, and just say YES.

Bonita Beach
Matthew 6:26 look at the birds. they do not plant or harvest nor store food in barns, for your Heavenly Father feeds them. and aren’t you far more valuable to Him than they are?

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