life in Nash

So, first things first: life in Nashville is pretty great. Life at Lipscomb is pretty great. Things are going pretty great, and I am so thankful to God for leading me to a perfect place to grow in knowledge, in maturity, in Him.

#peacelovegooddeeds mural in 12 South

Here is a short little list of what I have learned these past four weeks:

1.) Friendships can be forced upon you in college, but like, in the best way possible: I have the awesome pleasure to share room #225 in Elam with my very sweet, kind, and gentle roommate, Bridget. Going into college, I was nervous about sharing a room and getting along with a roommate (we’ve all heard the roommate horror stories). Ideally, I hoped for it to be perfect and smooth sailing, but is anything in life really ever like that? Still, after remaining persistent in prayer about college, my future roommate, and the big change coming in life–entering adulthood–God opened the door to Lipscomb University for Bridget and me, and He also opened the door of room #225 for the both of us. Now, I may be biased, but we definitely have one of the cutest dorms, mostly thanks to our parents for helping us during move-in day. And in each other, we have a guaranteed friend.

2.) Friendships can grow out the most unexpected places: whether that be getting a ride home at 11 from neon skate night with, at the time, a complete stranger (aka newfound friend!!!) or bonding over a similar taste in fashion stemming out of a compliment of your instagram aesthetic. Who would’ve thought that these two random incidents would lead to such kind friendships.

3.) A free downtown music festival is always a yes:

Live on the Green in Downtown Nashville

I went to Live on the Green with Anna and Bridget partially for fun and partially for a class assignment. We celebrated the last official weekend of summer with the Grilled Cheeserie. Jeni’s Ice Cream, and the X-ambadassors. The best way to say it, is that it was a new and different experience. We were surrounded by our new city in two ways: in the cute little public square, we were physically surrounded by the Nashville skyscrapers, and in a more community sense, we were surrounded by our fellow Nashville neighbors from all walks of life. Without a doubt, the community in Nash is very diverse.


4.) Take care of yourself. Enjoy the nature. Go on a hike: Going from class to class to studying . . . so much studying . . . can make a person go a little crazy. Okay, I’ll concede, it makes me go a little crazy. And as childish as this sounds, I don’t have my mom here to help me to take care of myself. Knowing myself for the better part of 18 years, I have a tendency to run myself ragged trying to achieve the utmost standard of perfection without taking the time to slow down and take care of my body, soul, and spirit. I’ve been learning to prioritize the practice of finding a quiet space for other than studying(!!!!) and relax, spend time in prayer, and exercise. Most times this is as simple as going on a walk or run around campus, but if I’m really feeling special, I’ll head three miles down the road to Radnor Lake and walk/run the trails there.

hiking trip around Radnor Lake, just three miles from campus

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