building friendships

deconstructing brick by brick.

It’s definitely not something that comes naturally to me, but I am learning to love the process. From what I gather, this is typically how it goes:20180914-IMG_5700.jpgHey, I’m Lauren! . . . I’m from Florida . . . Yes, I live 20 minutes from the beach . . . I’m majoring in biochemistry . . . (name?hometown?major?)

Wanna come do x,y,z with me? It’s free. I’ll drive. We can get Jeni’s after.

…and so it begins, this beautiful thing called friendship.


One after the other, we dress cute, head down the steps of Elam, and pile in three wide across the backseat to travel to the Frist Art Museum and Fort Negley (2 amazingly beautiful places for photographs).

It really is so much fun coming together with some beautiful new faces, new friends from all over the country. I’m having the opportunity to learn about what it was like for them growing up, how they spent their summers, their favorite moments of high school, what they have planned for the future, their dream jobs, etc. We have all come from different places and we’re all off to different places in the world, but for these next four years, we’re here. and even better, we’re together.

“we were together. i forget the rest.” – walt whitman

That is what this night felt like. No historical significance from Fort Negley or profound art piece from The Frist really sticks out in my memory. But the moments most vivid and most cherished are the laughs, inside jokes, breath taking views, bonding over a piece of art, Nashville traffic experiences, taking Anna to Jeni’s ice cream for the first time, trying all the new flavors, and sharing with one another. All these instances serve as the act of taking down a brick in a wall to open a space for vulnerability to shine through.

The process of building friendships is the deconstruction of walls. brick by brick. moment by moment. laugh by laugh. and smile by smile.

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